The Ninth Level – Two Star Symphony (music video)

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Two Star Symphony proudly presents our first music video! Written, produced, directed & edited by Two Star violinist Jerry Ochoa, The Ninth Level is intended to demonstrate the way our music works with moving images.

This music video was crowd-funded through an Indiegogo campaign  – we’d like to thank the following donors for their generosity and support:


Jason Raschen


Emily Bruno

Kate Elmore

Jeff Hammer

Jerry Ochoa

Mary Ochoa


Rob Cromie

Cynthia Duboise

Sarah Gregory

David Lake

Mariana Lemesoff

Robert Sussman

Angela Velasquez


Blair Ault

Dave and Barb Bauer

Dmitry Bazykin

Chaunacy Broberg

Daniel Glover

Daniel Hazelrigg

Jimb Jackson

David Loewy

Pam Moore

Debbie Neuman

Francesco Paladino

Charles Siewert

Amy Sonnenberg

Ted Viens


Chris Becker

Meredith Borders

Fred Brieden

Andrea Cooper

Ruben Coy

Jordannah Elizabeth

Alicia Garza

Jessica O. Hendrix

Leslie Herbst

Sarah Hirsch

Ruth Hirsch

Brandy Holmes

Justice Jamail

Shannon Johnston

Monica Kressman

Jason G Poland

Cathy Power

Randy Pugh

Fina Reisinger

Michelle Sinched

Matthew Willhem





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