Two Star Symphony Makes a Music Video!

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Our passion and career goal is to move into full time film scoring. We’ve scored films ranging from the silent classics (Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Girl Shy) to a Lionsgate horror release (Psychic Experiment, 2010). Two documentaries we scored – Con Artist and BAM 150 – premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival and our work has been featured in a variety of animated projects and short films.

We need a short, easily accessible demo to showcase how our music works alongside visuals, something we can direct filmmakers and producers to as an effective sample. We need a music video!


Two Star Symphony Haunted House Tree Sculpture

At the link below, you can see our Indiegogo page, complete with promotional video (featuring a Two Star guided tour of our haunted house location) and a great list of giving incentives ranging from exclusive digital downloads to original paintings, private performances by Two Star Symphony, set visits during the shoot and more!

Two Star Symphony Makes a Music Video!

Check the link and share with your family and friends and anyone you can think of who would enjoy our music. This is a 30 day campaign running for the month of February – please help us reach our goal!


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